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Maanav Setlur

"I haven't even begun to peak yet"


Camilla Caremoli 

“I didn’t like Boston until I left and realized it gave me everything” 



Salman Alkridis

Robert Picard

"It’s never too late to become the person you were always meant to be"


Adam Akkach

Yao Li

"Relish the transition in your life, they will happen regardless."

Alexis (Ally) Baker

Renato Gomes Curiati

Fikayo Akinluyi

Tamiris Utelbay

Daniela Junca Urrea

Agota Sakalauskaite

Yuhang Zhang

"To Yuhang,

Congratulations!! No matter where you are or what role you play. Always try new things and step out of your comfort zone. I hope you keep in mind that you are a strong woman and have accomplished so much. Follow your heart and you are the best girl I know.


Pranav Mathur

“It isn’t about when you graduate, it’s about who you graduate with.” 

 Wandong Ma

"Stay Sharp"

Chaitri Gulati

Chloe Keller

Congratulations everyone! And a big thank you to my professors and advisors for all of your help and guidance along the way. I'm still not sure where econ will take me, but I now understand that's part of the fun. 

Maggie Rodriguez 

Erica Smith

“One day at a time"

Anjali Nair

Carlos Pan 

"How do I tell my family this doesn't mean i'm an Economist?" 

Rodrigo Gomes Curiati

Andrea Portilla Romero

Cindy Ye Fung


Erica Smith

“One day at a time"

Rodrigo Gomes Curiati

Anjali Nair

Andrea Portilla Romero

Alessio Luis

Deborah Madueke

”Lots of little steps make big dreams come true.” Thanks to my mom, dad, and brother.


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