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ep300 series air compressor integrated machine


ep300 series integrated machine for air compressor

cooperating with domestic mainstream controller for air compressor manufacturer,ep300 series machine is compatible multiple control solutions and possesses standard rs485 communication port and multi-channel analog input ,which can meet the diverse requirements of customers. 

highly integrating the whole technology of air compressor ,user can omit the step of installating distribution panel, which can improve the stability of the machine.

the whole series employs the design of independent wind tunnel ,widening the radiator .applying occasions being taken fully consider. 100% coating coverage provides special anti-interference function for ep300 series.

conversion motor can be chosen.base also can be selected ,which support two methods including cabinet and wall hangings, to facilitate the installation.

support asynchronous and synchronous motor and support  embedded and surface-mounted pmsm, which possess convenient operation.

ep300 series provides steady power ac220v/dc24v output :over-voltage ,over-current and various protections.

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