eh10 series

small model ,high performance ,large capacity and high-speed

integrated analog input and output:

program capacity arrives 12k ,basic command only needs 0.3s and can extend 4 module.

strong capacity of position and high-speed handling

position command of eh10 can realize controller’s position control for machinery equipment.

controller’s functions of variable speed pulse input and envelop pulse output can realize multi-segment variable speed control of servo or step motor.

built-in high-speed handling: 6-segment high-speed pulse input’s maximum frequency is 50khz; 2-segment high-speed pulse output frequency is 100khz.

abundant interrupt resources.

support communication interrupt ,pulse interrupt ,electricity interrupt and interrupt priority to realize advanced control;

strong communication networking ability;

support ehbus n:n network communication protocol  ,opc service and communication module of  profibus-dp slave station

flexible programming way

support 3 kinds programming way like modbus network ,pda and remote dial-up ,which is convenient for maintaining and adjusting.

convenient and practical characteristic functions

provides special function of module configuration and frequency communication command, which can simplify the complex programme.

provide system matching verification tool ,which is convenient for users to extend configuration.

*more secure ,more stable and more reliable

provide 8-bit password protection ,which can prohibit program upload and defend unauthorized copy.

extra-wide voltage design ,three proofing handling ,input filtering and protection function of power-down can ensure that plc is more stable and reliable.

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