eh20 series

high stability and high reliability

ultra wide working voltage:

strick three proofing handling of panel can adapt wicked environment

user’s program eeprom will be kept forever

super capacity of  enviornmental adaptation

excellent capacity of anti-interfernce

high speed and large capacity

high-speed calculation------basic instructions:0.09μs;

large program capacity -------up to 12k step and no need to expend

reliable program security

multilevel cipher proction of 8-digit,unique password’s compression-encryption tenology and the password being stored in plc provide
efficient protection for user’s intellectual property right.

real-time colck

main module possesses built-in real-time clock (rtc),which provide calendar function.

extra strong capacity of system extension

i/o-point can expand up to 512-point.

special function module can expand up to 8.

abandunt programming instructions 

instruction numbers:

basic instructions:

application instructions:

convenient programming function

three kinds programming language:

trapezoidal graph ,instruction list and sfc

online modification:

online edit ,online download  and online adjusting 

online modification has no step limiting and can be modified randomly .

full chinese edit

single bond provides intelligent help.

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