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the man-machine interface


excellent performance

■  industrial and high-performance cortex a8 processor’s main frequency can arrive 600mhz.

■  product built-in com integrates communication way of rs232/422/485 and 2 com speedy serial communication ports.

■  products provide usb master station and usb slave station. usb slave station download port supports transmission speed of 10m/s and can speedy download.

plug-and-play usb master station port supports connecting u disk ,printer, mouse or other usb equipment.

■  10m/100m adaptive network card supports hmi and other equipment to make up a network, which can realize industrial ethernet communication through high-speed data exchange.

■  high-capacity of flash supports big capacity data’s  storage ,protects data when power down and supports u disk storage.

■  data safety

a whole new password system can make data be more secure  and reliability.

■  gallery

provide abundant vector gallery for each industries.

support customized vector pictures which can owner-draw.

support such picture formats like bmp ,jpg and so on as gallery patterns.

provide outline of standard constant vector pictures.

■  text font

5 kinds of languages and words can be switched randomly.

support true type(ttf) font

support font edit function possesses complex attribute.

unicode code arrives international standard.

■  printer and serial network

support serial printer type pictures ,data and so on.

maximum connection can be realized through rs485

32 plc or intelligence equipment communication.

■  penetration communication

pc can directly communicate with plc or other equipment through hmi.

2 hmi can communicate with 1 plc at the same time

■  constructional functions

sliding analog switches can realize sliding input value.

drop-down box can show multiple items as list for users to choose.

multiple trends show components.

■  on-line simulation

directly connect to plc to simulate configuration project by using computers.

data can be gotten from plc.

■  ethernet communication

realize the communication of hmi and hmi ,hmi and control equipment through ethernet.

■  macro instruction programming

support c language script.

function library can  be self-setting.

support free ports communication protocol.

support arithmetical operation function of  c standard.

nterface be more familiar and it is convenient for use.

possess multiple performing way.

■  import and export of u disk

support u disk updated project.

support import and export of u disk’s data.

support updated formula of u disk

■  others
alarm function extension

import and export of information and data.

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