【new product】 the inverter for dris es300k air compressor
column:company’s news time:2018-08-24

special frequency inverter for es300k air compressor , which is developed by platform base on es300 hardware ,is special frequency
inverter for air compressor industry ,and can be widely applied to application occasion of air compressors.

dirise provides all-round solution and customized integrated driver of air compressor for customers ,which can combined control
and drive perfectly and make the operation of air compressor be more power-saving, high efficient and stability.

possess input/output phase-loss protection to protect motor.

excellent pressure pid control ensure steady gas supply of air compressor.

stable torque output and low-frequency large torque can realize frequency inverter rated load speed-stabilizing operate at 0.1hz.

optimized structural design and excellent technical performance

apart from common motor , synchronous motor also can be driven.